What’s on the pizza pt 2?

Welcome back to part 2 of Stingo and Kush: What’s on the pizza?In the first instalment, Kush woke up from the sound of his alarm. AsKush rolls over to turn his alarm clock off, he finds that last night’spizza has been intruded by all sorts of unknown, utterly disgustingtoppings that have been added to it.Continue reading “What’s on the pizza pt 2?”

The High Club Conversations Ep 1

Welcome to the First addition of the new segment we like to call The High Club Conversations: where we talk to people all around the world about cannabis! On this episode we talk with our friend who lives, breathes, grows and who knows all we need to know about our beloved plant cannabis. That’s notContinue reading “The High Club Conversations Ep 1”

Cannabis and Music? We love it but why?

Welcome our friend to another episode of Dr Kush’s – Koalafications. Cannabis and music will be discussed on this episode of Stingo and Kush. Meanwhile Stingo Da Dingo has just arrived back from a whole two torturous weeks of visiting his beloved Grandma. Grandma is no ordinary old lady though, no, she is a lady,Continue reading “Cannabis and Music? We love it but why?”

Fried Friday – Stingo and Kush Know Stoner Food

Welcome to the first installment of Stingo and Kush’s Fried Fridays. Where Stingo and Kush discuss the must have mouth watering, life changing food experiences you will need in your life when baked off your brain from marijuana in Australia. Also known as stoner food. First on today’s agenda is the best three, must haveContinue reading “Fried Friday – Stingo and Kush Know Stoner Food”

Coronavirus and Cannabis: How do they react?

Welcome back friend for another installment of “Kush Koalafications“. In this episode Kush and Stingo will dive deep down into the Coronavirus, what it is and how cannabis is kicking its arse one wipe at a time! Firstly, Kush and Stingo wanna take a moment to congratulate all the hard work and effort put inContinue reading “Coronavirus and Cannabis: How do they react?”

Short Story- Too much to drink

Short story by Stingo and Kush. Titled too much to drink. The smell as you walked towards the big trees down near the river, was this incredibly musky bubblegum like scent. It looked like it was coming from this smoke radiating from the tree branches. Whoever was creating this odor, surly did not care whoContinue reading “Short Story- Too much to drink”

Stingo + Kush Education

Hemp Vs Cotton Here at Stingo and Kush we made it our mission to provide the people with the best quality, most sustainable and overall most environmentally friendly products we can make! That’s why we choose Hemp, man!   So what is Hemp? Well you better sit down girls and boys, grab a cone light it up andContinue reading “Stingo + Kush Education”