Hemp Apparel

Stingo and Kush only supply the best koality environmentally friendly hemp material found in Australia! To take advantage of this amazing opportunity to be part of the hemp movement yourself in the best Australian Hemp clothing click here now!

Stingo and Kush The story

Experience the wonder of the enthralling combination team that is Stingo + Kush. You’ll fall in love with the iconic duo as they battle with the “Villian” for the right to legalise Cannabis! Are you curious to find out more? Click here now!

Cannabis news and education center

The best way to get high scores in life is to get high, stay high and read Stingo and Kush cannabis education center! Get koalafied today!

Stingo + Kush’s Mission

To Empower people everywhere with cannabis and its life changing qualities. To inspire a world of peace, happiness and inclusion. To help discover new exciting ways to use hemp to change the world. To educate people with up to date informative content about hemp. To use Stingo and Kush to inspire a new group of people who want to help change the world.

Enviromental Commitment

The team that brings you Stingo + Kush has a commitment to you and the environment. Our commitment is to only source and supply the most environmentally friendly and sustainable hemp based products produced by ethical local suppliers.

Join the movement today

Stingo + Kush are urging you to join the movement today to help change the world! Let’s make the world a better place together tomorrow, today!Click here to subscribe to find out how you can help right now!


Orders placed before 2pm will be shipped same day via Australia Post once payment is received. Orders after 2pm will be shipped the next day. Shipping does not take place on Sundays. Shipping will be a flat rate of $10 per order. With any purchases from our website you have agreed to only use the products offered herein for legal and intended use only.

Wanna Know More

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Address: 3 Garran Place, Garran, 2605, ACT.

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Connect with Stingo and Kush today on all the major social media platforms. Click the link to follow us now!

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