The High Club Conversations: Da Kitchen Couch!

Let’s roll one up, take hit and get into this episode of THCC. Kush is joined by a new up and coming crew out of Canada, Da Kitchen Couch! The boys specialise in all things cannabis, cooking and cooked content! So without further delay we better get into it!

Da Kitchen Couch Logo

Kush: Welcome boys to The High Club Conversations. It is good to speak to you.

Da Kitchen Couch: Thanks for having us come on. It is super cool to be part of this segment.

Kush: Been loving the video’s you have put out! It’s like you have come out hard and fast. Which leads me onto my first question, could you please tell us a bit about yourselves?

Da Kitchen Couch: We are a Cannabis Comedy Cooking series that is aimed at removing the stigma and informing the general public about recreational cannabis use. Da Kitchen Couch’s main goal is to get the devil’s lettuce into Sunday’s dinner.
Our viewers get a laugh, a recipe, and some honest take away’s about the cannabis culture. We hope every episode brings a smile to our viewers faces and leaves a piece of information they can use in the kitchen or with their next cannabis endeavor.

The Crew

Kush: A laugh with some munchies don’t you love that. Here in Australia we are still in the stone ages when it comes to cannabis regulation for recreational use. In your opinion what are some important insights for Australia to learn from Canada?

Da Kitchen Couch: In Canada recreational Cannabis is legal but each province decides how it is regulated. Every province has slightly different rules. In Nova Scotia our entire Cannabis Industry is run by the government so many Nova Scotian’s are unhappy. It’s sold at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation so it’s marketed the same way as alcohol, but as any avid cannabis consumer would tell you, it’s a completely different ball park.
Prices are high, quality and quantity is low, I believe there were a few shortages here… and its not easily accessible. I also find it slightly disrespectful as cannabis is sold in the same stores as alcohol. A lot of people use cannabis for help with alcohol addiction, its like putting a diabetics’ insulin in the back of a candy shop..
Some provinces allow for business and competition while others allow dispensaries to open along side government weed stores. Nova Scotia consumes more cannabis per-capital than any other province in Canada but the government seems to disregard consumers’ insight. This is very limiting to the growth of our Cannabis culture.

Da Kitchen Couch boys in action

Kush: Very insightful crew. The cannabis community hope in Australia we can learn from Canada and consumer insights to allow for a smooth transition into a fully regulated cannabis market. With that being said, do you see the industry changing soon and how?

Da Kitchen Couch: Well just to start here in Nova Scotia, there a loophole in the legislation which allows dispensaries to operate on Native Reservations, i believe that will have a huge part in changing Nova Scotia’s cannabis laws to allow for dispensaries to operate and for the government to back off. Competition is good for everyone right?
I would like to see more and more states in America to at least decriminalize cannabis as many are slowly beginning to lift restrictions. I also believe New Zealand is having their referendum in September? Changes are coming and have been long fought for, i believe the legalization of cannabis in Canada had a great impact on the rest of the world, especially commonwealth countries.

Kush: How cool is what New Zealand is doing! Hopefully Australia does a follow the Jones type play and wanna be like their neighbors and do the same thing. Finally, can you give a sneak peak into the future of Da Kitchen Couch?

Da Kitchen Couch :We have many plans for the future, Season 1 of Da Kitchen Couch will conclude with 13 episodes wrapping up in December, we’re in the works of a short film before getting right back to Season 2. In the meantime we’re steady pushing out content, with new videos every week whether that be regular episodes or product reviews. We’re trying our best to capture an audience across the world because cannabis culture exists wherever you go. You certainly don’t have to be Canadian to relate to us, you don’t even have to be an avid cannabis consumer! We are so pumped to watch the Stingo and Kush upcoming series when it gets released!

Kush: Your crew must be super busy! Thank you once again for coming in and sharing your story on The High Club Conversations. Cheers crew we are also super pumped to watch all your upcoming recipes!

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