The High Club Conversations Ep 1

Welcome to the First addition of the new segment we like to call The High Club Conversations: where we talk to people all around the world about cannabis!

On this episode we talk with our friend who lives, breathes, grows and who knows all we need to know about our beloved plant cannabis. That’s not all, to make it more interesting our first guest is from the other side of the world in South Africa!!….

Stingo Da Dingo

Stingo: “Crikey mate, who would’ve believed that our first guest on our new segment would be from all the way over in South Africa?”

The_stonedgardener: “Thanks for inviting me to share my story about weed Stingo and Kush”.

Stingo: “Don’t mention it we are thankful to have you” “Well let’s tell our readers a bit about South Africa & it’s cannabis story shall we?”.

Stingo: “What is the cannabis culture in your town like The_stonedgardener?

The_stonedgardener: “What is the cannabis culture in my town like”?

“We have an interesting cannabis culture in the small town that I live in. There are some committed individual and collectives that are fighting for our rights to be able to grow the herb and smoke it in public. We have been able to host small social events, where like minded individuals have bonded and are in the process of setting up our own private clubs, where everything that happens in the club is transparent, as well as the usage of any funds acquired. We are trying to do this in a legal way so that the cops will have no leg to stand on in terms of trying to close our club or hassle us. There is also an ignorance about weed where people love to group it with the hardcore narcotics, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. We are slowly trying to change the perception of the plant and enlighten people as to the numerous uses of it.”

Stingo: “Bro that blew my mind!” “It’s crazy to hear that the perception of cannabis is still bad and placed among the heavy narcotics category”.

Stingo: “They just all need to smoke a dobe and move on with their day right bro?” “Anyways, tell me about your experience growing?”

The_stonedgardener: “Yeah Stingo, it’s just not right if you ask me!” “So my experience growing is”

“I have been growing on and off for a few years however, it was only this year when my passion and love for the plant shone through. In my opinion it’s an absolutely wonderful plant to grow and I enjoy every stage of the growth process. I give thanks to the plant as it has awoken the inner gardener within me and allows me to see the beauty in nature and in all of the plants. Initially, when I started growing I was amazed by the pictures of weed I’d seen growing, I wanted to know how to get such healthy trees, bearing such dense and fat nugs. My journey started off down the commercial nutes road and I was happily using them until I bumped into a mate from school that grows his plants with natural recipes that he himself makes. That is why this year I have gone “natural” or “organic” with my nutes, I put those 2 words in inverted commas as I feel the have been overused and do not reflect properly anymore. I guess I would say I’ve adopted a natural farming outlook where the soil is your most important commodity, basically keep your soil super healthy and you’ll have amazing plants.”

Stingo: “Those plants you have growing looks like they would give off nugs bigger than donald trumps ego” “The high club could use some of them” “You must know all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ about growing weed in South Africa surely?”

The_stonedgardener: “Fuck yeah they do bro, cannot wait to get the juicy goods out of these ones!” “Hmm, well here are the Do’s and don’ts about growing in S.A”

“This is a contentious issue as the judgement first handed down by the High court is very vague in regards to how many trees we’re allowed to grow. Our government decided to follow Canada’s model, which I for one disagree with, we’re a vastly different country and therefore our rules should be different, you can not just get one set of rules and use it as a blanket. So for now there is a lot of grey area surrounding the growing of weed and apparently you can grow 1.2kgs worth of plants per 2 people household, once again it’s contentious as we do not know if that is 1.2kg dry or wet and everyone’s smoking amounts vary. I guess if you do want to grow weed here, be careful and don’t overdo it, most importantly don’t get caught selling it.”

Stingo: “Mind is now uploaded” “How the fuck do they not know the difference between wet and dry bud?” “Oh well I am sure they will work it out soon” “One last question, what is the outlook on the cannabis industries future in South Africa?

The_stonedgardener: “Just politicians being completely useless again”. “Yes, the outlook on the future of the cannabis industry”.

“I foresee a very bright future for the cannabis industry and as soon as all the laws are sorted and are proper, then only then will we be able to fully understand and study the plant. I feel there is a host of other compounds that we are not focusing on, for now the crave seems CBD where’s back in the day we were only interested in the THC compound. I think cannabis will be a huge economic boost to South Africa and will also help create jobs for the huge amount of unemployed people we have. I am stoked that we have some amazing people fighting for our rights and we must just keep up the good fight.”

Stingo: “Yes, the future is looking bright isn’t it my friend”. “Thank you once again for chatting with us today The_stonedgardener“.

Wow what an enlightening experience it was speaking with our guest today. What did you think of Stingo and Kush new segment The High Club Conversations?

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