How long should you hold weed smoke? Kush has the answer!

Welcome to another episode of ‘Kush Koalafications‘. Today we will be talking about all you need to know about “how long you should hold in your bong hit?”

For centuries there has been a question asked by many. But known by few. Because let’s get real for a moment. We wanna get as high as Fuck as quick as Fuck right?

Stingo: “Dr Kush, how long should I hold my hit of weed for bro?” Stingo asks as he exhales his pitiful effort of straight away realise.

Kush: “Stingo, thanks for asking, let’s talk science because science will know!” Kush turns to his jacket and glasses to begin changing into his doctor outfit.

Stingo: “Slow down Dr, I’m a stoner not a scientist.” Stingo utters as he shuffles over on the pillow his sitting on.

Kush: “bro don’t stress, I’ve got you, I’ll make it super easy to understand.” “How does that sound?” Kush replies with a grin on his face as he receives the joint from Stingo’s outreached hand.

Kush: “research has shown that CBD and THC crosses the blood brain barrier, which alters our mind chemicals so we get so fried” Kush states before taking a hit of the joint.

Kush: “it takes about 8 full seconds for the weed to cross the blood brain barrier” Kush tries to say coughing from the smoke.

Stingo: “so you just hold your hit for 8 seconds, to get super lit?” “Is that right Dr Kush?” Stingo asks trying not to laugh from watching Kush choke over on the floor.

Kush: “You got it Stingo, so there you go friends, just hit it, hold it 8 seconds and enjoy your high! Kush sits up and replies.

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