Top 200!

Thank you so much everyone! Blaze it up for Stingo and Kush 😚💨  its 420 somewhere!

Stingo and Kush have been officially recognised by Feedspot as one of the top 200 marijuana blogs on the internet!

Ths team behind Stingo and Kush are embracing the start up business challenge in the marijuana/hemp industry with the intention of being the number one provider of all hemp material products in the Australasia market.

Our mission is to support you in doing the right thing for the environment and your health! We promise to be number 1 with all things cannabis in Australia.

Subscribe now to get first dibs at upcoming competitions.

Also sneak peak information about the top secret “Stingo and Kush – Bongs, Thongs and Nongs”. The story behind the two craziest, wittiest and cooked stoners from Australia ever!

You don’t wanna miss out and be the only one who doesn’t know about it!

For more stoner blogs click here. Cheers! Spot

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