How often should I clean my Bong – Stingo + Kush has the answer

January 11, 2020 By Stingo & Kush 0

Stingo: Kush my homie, how often should I clean my Bong?

Kush : Stingo that’s an easy one! It depends­čśé

Stingo: Depends? Kush how is that easy?

Kush : Well it easy and depends because each person will have different preferences. One might enjoy a nice fresh clean, crisp, smooth, good for the soul bong rip which they should clean it every 4 bong rips! 3 if you are feeling extra.

Stingo: Kush what about if I like the extra flavour the resin leaves in the water bro?

Kush: Just give it a clean once a day st least! Don’t be a cooked donkey!

Clean your bong! Do it for the Don!